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About CorDynamics

As a preclinical CRO, CorDynamics has a singular focus—cardiovascular safety and drug discovery studies. It's the heartbeat of our business.

We've worked in the pharmaceutical industry and on project teams. We understand the unpredictability of drug development research and embrace collaboration. Our experienced and highly skilled team customizes investigations to clients' protocols and is adept at fitting seamlessly into each project team's workflow.

From lead optimization screening to GLP interrogations to developing new models for drug discovery to consulting, we offer comprehensive study designs and technical know-how. We have the facilities and the sophisticated equipment needed to carry out virtually any cardiovascular study.

Serving over 300 clients worldwide, we pride ourselves on providing all our clients—virtual organizations, biotechs, medium and large pharma—with a wide array of capabilities, the highest quality data and unparalleled customer service.

We want to help our clients answer their pressing cardiovascular questions today, so they aren't reacting tomorrow. CorDynamics is here to help you make good scientific decisions as well as sound business decisions.

Consider CorDynamics your satellite cardiovascular lab and think tank.