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CorDynamics to Showcase Cardiovascular Capabilities at SPS 2013

Posted by CorDynamics on September 10th, 2013

CorDynamics heads to Rotterdam for the Safety Pharmacology Society meeting next week, September 16-19th.

Peter Senese, CorDynamics co-founder and chief operating officer, along with Dr. Franz Hock, our European business developer will be on hand in The Netherlands to discuss cardiovascular safety assessments and capabilities:

• Telemetry—dual pressure, respiratory parameters, ECG

• Isolated Langendorff heart

• Electrophysiology, hemodynamics

Of special note, we will also be featuring the latest industry primer: Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Safety and Pharmacokinetic Assays co-edited by Dr. Franz Hock.Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Safety and Pharmacokinetic Assays

Among a number of hot topics, the book argues the days of sequential drug development should be a thing of the past, replaced instead with simultaneous data generation combining toxicological, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic data both from a preclinical and clinical environment.

To discuss these topics and more, please stop by our booth. If you’re not attending this year, feel free to contact us for more information.


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CorDynamics Sets Drug Discovery and Development 2013 Trade Show Calendar

Posted by Theresa Gralinski, Marketing Director at CorDynamics on December 19th, 2012

The CorDynamics team is saying goodbye to a great 2012 and looking forward to more research and collaboration with colleagues in 2013. Closing one calendar and turning to a new one, some of the first dates to fill in are our trade show exhibitions.

As we continue to grow the early-stage drug discovery side of our business, we will again be visiting the Experimental Biology meeting in Boston, April 20-24. I look forward to attending this event and meeting with colleagues focused on linking drug discovery to development.

In addition to EB, we’ll also be exhibiting at SOT, SPS and ACT.

  • Society of Toxicology 52nd Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas March 10-14

  • 2013 Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

Rotterdam, The Netherlands September 16-19

  • American College of Toxicology 34th Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas November 3-6

If you’re going to be at any of these meetings, please put us on your calendar.

Wishing you a very Healthy and Happy New Year.

Theresa Gralinski, Marketing Director

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5 Signs Drug Development Outsourcing is In

Posted by Theresa Gralinski, Marketing Director at CorDynamics on November 14th, 2012

I spent most of last week at the American College of Toxicology meeting in Orlando taking the industry’s proverbial temperature.

Over the last four years this meeting’s attendees seemed concerned about feverishly downsizing, feverishly cutting budgets or feverishly outsourcing. People just didn’t feel well. This year attendees seemed to be “feeling” healthy and more optimistic.

Preclinical CRO Drug Development Outsourcing

I saw five clear signs that industry outsourcing is officially IN.

1. Back to Business—With mass waves of downsizing behind a number of our colleagues, clients and competitors, the focus of discussions turned to current programs and upcoming projects.

2. Changing Roles—Longtime  friends were embracing new positions, translating their pharma drug safety and drug discovery experience into success at virtual biotechs or contract research organizations.

3. New CROs and Consultants Join the Ranks—We welcomed new CROs to the “club” and I met with quite a few toxicologists who have decided to work as consultants to share their expertise to meet the anticipated demand.

4. Buzzwords—Collaboration. Customized. Experience. Responsive. Did I say collaboration?

5. Social Media…Really?—Admittedly the industry is still skeptical of the idea in a regulated industry. However with more drug developers looking for external services, vendors and CROs want to be easily found. (Shameless examples: cardiovascular CRO, prolonged QT interval, cardiovascular pharmacology.) Social media is a good way to get the message out.

I polled attendees on their comfort levels with the top social media platforms. Results: LinkedIn=Great; Blogging=Good; Twitter=So-So; Facebook=No Thanks.

Did you get a different temperature reading from the meeting? Or, did you sense a healthier optimism as well? Feel free to comment here or you can find me on Linkedin.


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Drug Discovery Generates Good Science, Business and Drug Development

Posted by Theresa Gralinski, Marketing Director at CorDynamics on August 08th, 2012

In my mind, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry can be reduced down to one elegant equation: good science + good business decisions = good drug development.

Good Science.
As the marketing director for CorDynamics, I spend a lot of my time discussing our innovative preclinical cardiovascular drug discovery and drug safety models. It’s our reason for being. My job is to communicate our capabilities and the good science we generate to clients, colleagues and potential customers.

Good Science=Good Business Decisions
As a member of the Healthcare Business Women’s—Chicago Chapter I’ve attended a number meetings led by dynamic senior healthcare and pharmaceutical executives discussing how to navigate our changing industry.

After each of these events, my underlying takeaway is that tough business decisions can be made easier when armed with good science.

When the science is solid and reliable—in our case from a cardiovascular drug discovery and drug safety side—it can be a useful guide for folks faced with extreme budget and timeline constraints.

It’s our job as the cardiovascular CRO, to understand the pressures on our clients as well as the need to be flexible, affordable and most importantly, collaborative in the work outsourced to us.

Good Science + Good Business Decisions = Good Drug Development
Earlier this year, I flew 2,000 miles to be with an aging parent undergoing surgery. I tried not to think of all the science, education and yes, business decisions that would go into this one procedure. All went well. As I headed to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions necessary to inspire a full recovery and greater wellness, I walked away with tangible proof of my theory.

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Tangible Ways to Work with Virtual Biotechs

Posted by Michael Gralinski, Chief Executive Officer at CorDynamics on April 29th, 2011

Everywhere I go, virtually everyone is talking about virtual biotechs—companies with top tier management outsourcing their research and development. The idea has been around for years, but with pressure to manage budgets while creating lean, streamlined R&D, virtual biotechs are now a reality.

As management of a CRO, I strongly believe that outsourcing R&D can often be the most strategic business decision when planning expenditures. Scaling up a wide array of internal capabilities and expertise in areas, such as cardiovascular drug discovery and safety, may not make good business sense—especially when expertise like ours is available on a more ad-hoc, or just-in-time basis.

Several of our clients can be legitimately classified as virtual biotechs and they are on task to produce solid results with precision timelines. While budgets and efficiency may be their inspiration for working with us, collaboration, flexibility and communication are what make our working relationships truly work.

Collaboration. Collaborate with clients on everything from study design and execution to analysis and reporting. Most importantly, listening and offering advice based on extensive experience with both big and small biopharma gives clients the biggest bang for their buck.

Be flexible. Whether it’s a need for customized models, limited test article availability, coordinating schedules with other CROs, or unexpected results, be prepared to respond with a solution — quickly. Time is of the essence, especially for virtual biotechs.

Communicate proactively. Pick up the phone. Answer emails. Meet regularly with project teams. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

I’m pleased to say most of this comes pretty naturally to us. It’s the business model CorDynamics has used from the beginning. It’s one we will continue to use as our clients of all scope and sizes indicate that outsourcing R&D will be integral to their success moving forward.


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