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Do you really want to know the cardiac effects of your lead compound? Investigating cardiac toxicity—the industry's most pressing issue—is our specialty. From lead optimization in drug discovery to GLP, CorDynamics offers comprehensive cardiovascular toxicology and safety pharmacology studies.

We've worked in industry and been in your shoes. Our proven techniques, unparalleled timelines and customized approaches are designed to fit seamlessly into your preclinical drug development workflow. Our cardiovascular researchers work in conjunction with your project teams interpreting previous data, collaborating on de-risking strategies and executing regulatory-compliant examinations.

Our cardiovascular studies leverage the isolated Langendorff heart, anesthetized models and conscious telemetry subjects to investigate:

Prolonged QT Interval
Heart Rate
Blood Pressure

Cardiac Function

With an emphasis on affordability, flexibility and reliability, CorDynamics uniquely understands the pressing time and resource constraints leading up to clinical trials.