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Telemetry models are the physiological ‘gold-standard' CorDynamics uses to interrogate the cardiovascular effects of compounds.

Both small- and large-animal paradigms, in six species, are customized to client specifications. These telemetry studies produce a wide scope of data from GLP comprehensive examinations of test article on hemodynamic and electrocardiograms to the screening of lead compounds early in preclinical drug development.

Our screening modes leverage a physiologically relevant paradigm with rapid scheduling and quick turnaround to enable key decision-making. In addition to evaluating electrocardiographic parameters, the systemic hemodynamic effects of a compound are simultaneously observed in the conscious, unrestrained subject.

ECG and hemodynamics
Left ventricular pressure
Dual Pressure (systemic circulation + left ventricular/pulmonary arterial pressures)
Respiratory telemetry (respiratory parameters + blood pressure + ECG)
Electrophysiological testing
High fidelity quasi beat-to-beat QT interval correction
Sling-restrained and free-roaming
Video monitoring capabilities

We have the elements in place to carry clients' telemetry studies from study design to execution and interpretation.